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China's Espionage: What's At Stake?

by Edward Appel-FBI Special Agent, 1973-1997
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The FBI ranks China as one of the greatest potential espionage threats over the next decade.
China is trying to build its military power. So, it benefits when it can basically steal the plans to weapon systems to improve their own weapon systems based on things they find out. They actually want to acquire weapons that other countries have.

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They basically manufacture a great deal of what we use. And that's their goal. They want to be the Japan of this era. They want to be able to dominate world manufacturing. So a lot of their espionage is focused on that economic advantage that they might gain.

However, I do think that to some extent we have lost the counterintelligence war against the Chinese intelligence services (MSS). I think there are quite a few cases in which the Chinese have succeeded in collecting classified information from U. S. government sources.

And I think it's clear from public statements, that in the last few years the U. S. has come to an increasing recognition of the potential danger posed by the intelligence services of China here in the U. S.

The Chinese command and the military have actually written books saying that the great equalizer is that the U. S. is so dependent on its computers that we can even the score by basically using the Internet against the United States. That's a great equalizer in a conflict.

Larry Wu-Tai Chin
Born in Beijing, Larry Wu-Tai Chin began working for the United States during World War II, when, because of his English language skills, he was recruited by the U.S. Army as a translator and interpreter for the U.S. Army Liaison Office. In 1948, he undertook the same duties at the U.S. Consulate in Shanghai, and at this time he developed contacts within Chinese intelligence (MSS).

In 1952, Chin joined the Foreign Broadcast Information Service [FBIS], a division of the CIA, in Okinawa, Japan. He continued to be in communication with his Chinese contacts and would meet regularly with them in Hong Kong to exchange information. In 1961, the FBIS transferred Chin to a position in California, and Chinese intelligence set him up in Canada with a courier, to whom he could provide information. Four years later, Chin became a U. S. citizen. In 1970 Chin was promoted to an FBIS position in Arlington, Va., where he handled highly sensitive information, including reports from U. S. agents abroad and then retired in 1981.

In 1982, after receiving a tip from a source in China, the FBI began to suspect Chin was a spy. When Yu Qiangsheng, the Chinese intelligence officer who had provided the tip, defected to the United States in 1985, he brought his file on Chin with him, and the FBI interrogated Chin that November. When presented with the name of his Ministry of State Security (MSS) handler and evidence of their relationship, Chin confessed to spying for China. Chin became one of 14 people charged with espionage in 1985, "The Year of the Spy."

At his February 1986 espionage trial, Chin maintained that he had been passing the information to China in order to help improve relations between the two countries. It took less than a week for the jury to find him guilty of espionage, conspiracy, and tax evasion. Later that month, Chin killed himself in his prison cell before he could be sentenced.

From Harrison Court-006

Able Danger

Excerpt from Chapter 3

In the Ministry room is Court's China contact Ying who is a MSS-Ministry of State Security agent in his forties. He puts his teacup and saucer down on the coffee table, stands up, and shakes hands with Court. He hasn't seen Court for some time and directs a condescending tone. “Harrison, how are you?...The trip can be long and exhausting. Can I offer you some tea?” Court turns away from the window. “You know I'm a Rob Roy man.” Ying sips his tea and sarcastically replies, “is it Johnnie Walker or Mr. Regal?” Court becomes impatient and forceful. “You continue to test my resistance. Your waking phone call to rush this!...You take pleasure in negotiating with me!” Ying makes the Rob Roy drink at the bar and brings it to Court along with his tea and sits at the table.

Court begins to dictate the rules anticipating the meeting will conclude shortly. “This is the last time we can meet, it's too risky.” Court sips his drink and turns to face Ying. “When my soon to be wife Missong visits her family in Singapore, you will send someone to the Raffles Hotel. She'll be expecting a shiny limousine to receive her. She'll have a small, red box which she'll leave for the driver upon her departure to show her appreciation. The box will contain the gift you so desire. Must I remind you...she must only know that your employer treat her with respect.”

“Yes, with all due respect...your most elegant China doll. The B-2 schematics have received new urgency. My government is most grateful for your assistance in this matter. The half million will be wired according to your instructions.” Impatient, Court sits on the arm of the love seat. “If your party friends want the icing they'll gladly smooth the cake. It's not a half, just the whole million...US!” Court points his index finger at Ying in an assertive manner. “And we won't discuss the incidentals of money again...correct!” “Yes, Mr. will have your US dollars. I was foolish to think I can get something like this at a bargain.” Ying displays satisfaction for his achievement with a slight smile. “Incorporating the B-2 into our fleet will make China the People's Republic proud to instill our superpower hegemony.”

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Court thinks about the magnificence of the B-2. The most secretive bomber ever produced for the US Air Force. Because of its ability to fly at incredibly high altitudes and because of its unique design, it's invisible to radar making it a superior, formidable weapon. Other than the contractor who built it, only a few US military personnel have ever seen it close up. Ying and his country will do anything and pay any sum to have this weapon system in their possession. Knowing its awesome offensive capability is why Ying's first priority is to execute the communist party's demands to incorporate the B-2 into the Chinese Air Force. The black stealth bomber displays an alien-like commanding presence in the sky with its staircase-tail configuration and low frequency engine roar.

Court pulls out a chair from the table, turns it around, and sits down. He speaks directly to Ying's face in a low, but direct tone. “It must not be picked up by our eyes in the sky. The intell boys can't suspect a hint of what you intend to build. Are we clear? Disguise the technology with new research from your military scientists. Ying, you must exhaust every detail to prevent the detection of this aircraft. I don't plan on compromising my position.” “Understood, of course Mr. Court. We have thoroughly prepared for it's deception. It will be given every consideration in compliance with it's nonexistence.” Court is very concerned that the bomber must not be detected by the US. “Where will you test it? Do you have a base to accommodate the testing phase? Can you carry out the test operations with your fighter jets and the B-2's primary objective, once it's operational?”

Ying is overly cooperative and provides Court with classified information about China's military secrets which is what Court greatly desires. “The Kashi facility near the Silk Road can adequately service the B-2's size and testing operations. The bomber's strictly a deterrent.” “Ying, it is absolutely essential that your air defense batteries be removed-they're red flags for the satellites. Prepare a smooth long-term phaseout so nothing is suspected. Don't leave your hangar doors open in the daytime and turn off all heat emitting systems at night. Paint the perception of a normal low-level military facility.” Ying understands that a meticulous preparation is necessary and wants to comply with Court's every demand. “It will be arranged as you ordered. You are very thorough Mr. Court.” Court walks to the window and again looks out with suspicion. He plays over and over in his head that it's China's spy pilots who can risk the entire operation which may result in the cessation of vital Chinese intelligence that his mission heavily depends on.

In an angry tone Court makes it crystal clear to Ying that the margin of error shall be nonexistent. “Absolutely no more flybys by your ballsy pilots! They can look and observe, make their presence known...other than that-business as usual!...Understand! Do you understand! Maintain a normal response, absolutely no interference...We can't afford another Hainan incident. Your pilot flew so freaking close that we could see him holding a sign with his email address! Where did that get you!” Court turns to face Ying and shouts, “A dead pilot!”

Ying is embarrassed by the failure and death of one of his pilots. A spy pilot that became over confident, flew too close to a US reconnaissance cargo plane over Hainan Island and subsequently crashed his jet. “I agree. It was foolish and unproductive. I assure you it not happen again. You will have your payment by the time you return. I will expect your pretty China girl visiting Singapore very soon, yes?” “She'll be there and next time I'll contact you through your Consulate General when I take my weekend trip to New York...same hotel.” Ying stands up and walks toward Court at the window and speaks to him in Mandarin. “Your driver is waiting for you.” Ying leaves the room embarrassed by Court's reminder of his dead pilot and the shame it brought upon his country. Court remains sipping his Rob Roy looking out the window reflecting on his conversation with Ying contemplating his next move with a smile of gratification. Discover if Ying acquires the B-2 weapon system which will make China the greatest military in the world.

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