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Post-Cold War, darker side of spy game moves east

By George Jahn
From Harrison Court-006
VIENNA (AP) – In the world of 21st-century espionage, the U. S. arrest of Russian sleeper agents was a sideshow. These days, the darkest struggles play out thousands of miles to the east where al-Qaida double agents kill CIA operatives, Iranian nuclear scientists disappear or die mysteriously, and clues gathered secretly in the desert reveal alarming threats of nuclear proliferation.

Emerging giants such as China pose different threats as they use the most sophisticated cyber technology to snoop on established world powers. Marc Sageman, a former CIA operations officer said "what has changed is the political landscape and the players. The Chinese, for instance are spying on us more than they ever did."

A bomb, planted on a motorcycle, killed Iranian nuclear scientist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi last January outside his home near Tehran. Then, there is the mystery of Shahram Amiri. Also an Iranian nuclear expert, he disappeared in Saudi Arabia a year ago. Seven CIA employees and a Jordanian intelligence officer died in a bombing at a U.S. base in Afghanistan in late December by a man posing as an informer — and wearing a suicide vest.

Able Danger

Excerpt from Chapter 11


There's a dead silence for a moment as he continues to ponder the situation. He slowly walks out of his bedroom into the hallway and surprisingly gets a 9mm with a silencer pressed against his head. DaSage can only feel the drilling pressure from the gun and hear the intruder's orders.

“Put your hands in your pockets. Keep walking. You know what I come for. We know all about you Mr. DaSage. Your CIA days as Beijing writer are past. Now you're on a new mission, yes? We watch you long time. What you do in Rome? See your ex-wife or maybe you have something much more important?” Speaking forcefully and demanding in English with a Chinese accent Chiang demands immediate results.

“We lose patience with you and your government.” Chiang whacks DaSage behind his knee caps with his knum chucks causing DaSage to collapse to the floor. Chiang slip ties his prisoner's wrists pulling tight. DaSage is on his stomach with one side of his face flat to the floor as Chiang presses down on his head with great force putting DaSage in a most painful position. Defiant and extremely angry DaSage refuses to be intimidated. “I have no freaking clue what the hell you're talking about! My ex-wife and I are close friends so what. You have a problem with that?”

Not hearing the right answer, Chiang grows impatient and frustrated. “You Americans still think PRC is a third world ancient country. Where is the disc Mr. DaSage? It will be a pleasure to dump your body after we get what we want. Get up slowly and we walk.”

Chiang presses his gun to DaSage's head and holds the knum chucks by his side, as they walk down the hallway. As they approach the head of the stairs, Chiang delivers another blow behind his knee caps with greater force causing DaSage to drop quickly thrashing down the stairs.
Discover Chiang's fate in Chapter 11.

Audiences can look forward to Harrison Court-006 as the new American spy-hero adapted from Kensington Roth's spy novel "Able Danger." The Harrison Court saga opens in Hong Kong for a clandestine meeting between Court and his Chinese counterpart Ying. The story's intriguing espionage develops throughout various locations in Hong Kong, Rome, Washington DC, China, Maryland, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, and Chicago.

Who will play the charismatic, leading man? Johnny Depp is slated for the role of Harrison Court-006 opposite the sexy and alluring Maggie Q as his spy-girl Missong. Court's Chinese counterpart Ying is a role only Jet Li can deliver. Mark Ruffalo is cast to depict the ruthless DaSage, and his spy-girl Volace is best portrayed by the beautiful Caterina Murino.

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