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The Harrison Court-006 Saga

Harrison Court-006 a black-ops spy emerges once again to delve into the dangerous world of espionage in the spy thriller sequel SPIES AMONG US from the Harrison Court-006 Saga.

The villain is an ex-CIA agent gone rogue. The pool bar SpyGirl is his accomplice in kidnapping the protagonist's girlfriend and overpowering his FBI associate. The succession of events collide at the prestigious Splendide Royal Hotel in Rome with climatic intrigue and reveals a den of SPIES AMONG US. When the protagonist realizes that his girlfriend has been abducted, a high speed car chase ensues through the streets of Rome. The onslaught of gunfire unravels the real plot at hand taking the black-ops spy to a Stars Wars-like super weapon reality into a dimension of uncertainty, chaos, and mayhem that potentially alters the course of history.

The highly acclaimed spy thriller "Spies Among Us" has been compared to James Bond and Jason Bourne and has been adapted to screenplay for film production.

"The suave, sophisticated, debonair, and dangerous Harrison Court-006 leads the story with an incredible command that many if not most spy thrillers lack. The book is a perfect 10"--author Kay Zen.

Author Fran Lewis declares "Harrison Court is every woman's hero and every foe's nightmare in an ending so bone chilling that not even Patterson or Berry's novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth.

Audiences can look forward to Harrison Court-006 as the new American spy-hero. The Harrison Court Saga opens in Hong Kong for a clandestine meeting between Court and his Chinese counterpart Ying. The story's intriguing espionage develops throughout various locations in Hong Kong, Rome, Washington DC, China, Maryland, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, and Chicago.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ABLE DANGER Book Reviews

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  5.0 out of 5 stars--is a fast-moving novel of spies, politics and international intrigue.
"Sheila Deeth" (OR, USA)

This review is from: Able Danger (Kindle Edition)
Able Danger, by Kensington Roth, is a fast-moving novel of spies, politics and international intrigue. The characters travel between the US, China, ToraBora and Italy, with convincing accents and dialog well-rendered, even to the realism of simultaneous conversations and bracketed captions for foreign words. Scenery is carefully described almost like dressing a movie set, and action given in detail.  

The main protagonist, Agent Harrison Court introduces himself in chapter two, with a quick first-person nod to James Bond. Then a third-person narrator takes over. Court, who works for a "nonexistent sector of the CIA," is heading for a meeting in Hong Kong on his way to meet his intended "China doll" bride. Plot, counter-plot and conspiracy theory intertwine from this first discussion, with fictionalized real-world terrorism coming under curiously confident suspicion. Special effects abound in the threat of super-weapons, high-speed car-chases, and "B-52s bombers landing two thousand pound bombs." 

The conclusion promises a fascinating direction for the sequel. 

5.0 out of 5 stars--Nonstop Action--Kensington Roth has created a rollercoaster of a thriller.
Sandra Kirkland (High Point, NC)
This review is from: Able Danger (Kindle Edition)
Mining the conspiracy theories of 9/11, Kensington Roth has created a rollercoaster of a thriller. The same forces that the conpiracists believe really caused 9/11, the government, the military, the corporations that thrive on war, are now ready for the next roll of the dice. 9/12 will be blamed on the Chinese as well as the Middle Eastern terrorists, creating a furor and desire for an invasion of the Chinese mainland. 

Standing between this plan and the American people is Agent 006--Harrison Court. He has been given the authority to do anything it takes to make the United States safe, and that includes plots like this. His adversary is Desage, an ex-CIA agent now working for the other side. 

The big twist is that unknown to those creating a false conspiracy, China really is an adversary. They have created a new weapon that silently kills and maims anyone in its path. Can Court and his Chinese lover thwart these plans and ward off deployment of this new weapon? 

Roth has created a thriller that takes the reader on a breaktaking ride from Italy to China to the caves of Tora Bora. This book is recommended for readers of spy novels who like non-stop action.

4.0 out of 5 stars--Covert groups, spies on spies, the race is on!
Betty Gelean "nightreader" (Smithers, BC)
This review is from: Able Danger (Perfect Paperback)
BOOK TOUR REVIEW by Betty Gelean 
"Able Danger" by Kensington Roth 

Covert groups, spies on spies-the "Harrison Court-006 Saga" series will keep the reader traveling the world. It opens with what appears to be a nice normal American suburban household which is suddenly disrupted in a very peculiar way. The family becomes an unwitting test subject. 

Kensington Roth has taken a political debacle beyond its limits. His protagonist is a black-ops spy Harrison Court-006. Roth's book is a very compelling work of fiction that ties into reality very well. The style of writing is very descriptive, and the reader can picture whatever Court sees and encounters. The author's sense of place and time is exquisite, and the characterizations are believable and consistent. 

The action grows all the way through the book. Court discovers some kind of super-weapon, Gravvox and must hunt down a rogue ex-CIA agent. The plot becomes a runaway train to locate the ex-agent and to learn the who, what, and when. A plausible scenario with a great and terrible surprise ending. Fortunately Roth is on his toes and the next book "Spies Among Us" will be out soon because I can't wait to find out what direction the sequel will take. 
by Betty Gelean  Author of "Bagpipe Memories" 
Book reviewer on Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing FrontStreetReviews, and Edwards Magazine. 

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