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"Able Danger" is a brand of thriller that is unique and different--Fran Lewis

It was well written with a nice blend of action. It was an interesting story with an intriguing twist on current international relations. Think of it as a cousin to the Jason Bourne novels--Beth Fielding

Plot, counter-plot, and conspiracy theory intertwine with fictionalized real-world terrorism coming under curiously confident suspicion--Sheila Deeth

I thoroughly enjoyed the premise. I felt the author was writing in a style similar to Robert Crais and David Baldacci. The author has his own unique style and is obviously on his way to write many more spy-action novels--Barbara Hudson

Roth has created a thriller that takes the reader on a breath-taking ride from Italy to China to the caves of Tora Bora. This book is recommended for readers of spy novels who like non-stop action--Sandie Kirkland

It's main character Harrison Court is every woman’s hero and every foe's nightmare--Fran Lewis

Roth's book is a very compelling work of fiction that ties into reality very well--Betty Gelean

An ending so bone chilling that not even Patterson or Berry’s novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth--Fran Lewis

The charming, sleek main character Harrison Court a.k.a 006 leads the story with incredible grace and adventure--Kay Zen

Kensington Roth's portrayal of the anonymous suburban family is brilliant and clever, using everyday tasks to define the significance of the incident--Ashleigh Bonang

Author Kensington Roth steers the story with such elegance that many if not most spy thrillers lack. The book is a perfect 10--Kay Zen

Kensington Roth has created a plot so devious, so frightening it reveals the government's mass deception and deceit--Fran Lewis

The author's sense of place and time is exquisite, and the characterizations are believable and consistent--Betty Gelean

Special effects abound in the threat of super-weapons, high-speed car-chases, and B-52 bombers landing two thousand pound bombs--Sheila Deeth

The action grows all the way through the book like a runaway train!--Betty Gelean

The ending makes you crave for the sequel "Danger for 2"--Kay Zen

A plausible scenario with a great and terrible surprise ending--Betty Gelean

The conclusion promises an interesting direction for the sequel--Sheila Deeth

ABLE DANGER Trailer Reviews

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I think the drawings are great and the narration is quite good. --Joan Szechtman/Independent Authors Guild-IAG

I think the art and other backgrounds were great and I felt the music was put together in such a way that it fit each scene perfectly casting a genuine mood. I loved it! --Peggy Jay/Films By Us

The artwork was top notch and the music was mastered beautifully for each scene which portrayed a mood that really pulled me in. *****5 stars- Francesco Albanese/Paris Venice Production

Good storyboards, kitchen scene slipping into movement. I enjoyed the play on the theme with the From Here to Eternity scene featuring Harrison Court and Missong, the loneliness of the black ops agent to remain undiscovered, and the strength of purpose and focus he maintains, the shock, uncertainty and fear as the concentrated "Gravvox" beam is unleashed and wreaks havoc and death, everything works surprisingly well in this format and puts the main story idea forward-- author Betty Carver Gelean

I've been here for quite a while watching videos of all kinds but this one is totally different ... Very interesting and incredibly creative. Thank you for sharing it. XXLayal 

wow...thats different and extemely clever/creative..big thumbs up! MsYodeller1 

Nice concept and I love the sketch work. You have put quite an extensive amount of effort into this. All the best in its continued development and success Homemadegameguru 

Absoltuely stunning and amazing - creativity in perfection! Love Your Works... keep on doing Your great job! Diabola & The Sadobeauties

Fantastic work! i never saw any novel video, that's so creative, hope to see more Anticristo 

Very Cool Different and creative , Well Done Robin Ariel Ross St Claire


I have seen videos of all kinds but this one is totally different ... Very interesting and creative. Thanks for sharing, dear !! Hehasallmylove 

wow... men this is super different and very creative... Go ahead! TheSuCool

WOW!! very very interseting and very cool, i actually liked it very very much! LadyGaGaFan848 

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