Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is James Bond dead? This week's EW cover

by Entertainment Weekly
August 5, 2010

These are dark days for James Bond fans. It will likely be years before 007 returns to the screen, thanks to money troubles at MGM, Bond’s longtime studio, which has been up for sale since November.

Even Daniel Craig seems to have moved on, signing up for the lead in a different potential franchise, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The last time the Bond series was put on this sort of “indefinite” hold was back in the early 1990s, after a series of legal battles (and Timothy Dalton) nearly wrecked the series. It took six years to get it up and running again. And in Hollywood today, six years is an eternity.

“No franchise can afford to be away from screens for that long anymore,” says a former MGM exec. “You lose too much momentum. Even for Bond, it could be deadly.” Of course, Bond has defied death before — just ask Blofeld — so we’re not counting him out just yet.

One possibility: “[MGM] should sell the Bond franchise for a billion dollars to some sovereign company in Abu Dhabi and promise to make Bond movies in Abu Dhabi from now on,” suggest one financial analyst familiar with the MGM sale. The name is Bond, Jamal Bond. We could live with that. For more on the Bond franchise’s woes, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

For details on the new Bond-like movie click here
ABLE DANGER Film Project

Harrison Court-006 has been compared to James Bond and Bourne Identity. The charming, sleek Harrison Court-006 leads the story with incredible grace, adventure, and elegance that many if not most spy thrillers lack. The book is a perfect 10--author Kay Zen.

Author Fran Lewis declares Harrison Court is every woman’s hero and every foe's nightmare in an ending so bone chilling that not even Patterson or Berry’s novels could compare to that of author Kensington Roth.

Special effects abound in the threat of super-weapons, high-speed car-chases, and B-52 bombers landing two thousand pound bombs--author Sheila Deeth.

Roth has created a thriller that takes the reader on a breath-taking ride from Italy to China to the caves of Tora Bora. This book is recommended for readers of spy novels who like non-stop action--author Sandie Kirkland

Since the next Bond movie has been put off indefinitely (Reuters-4/19/10), the new American Spy-Hero Harrison Court is ready to take global audiences for an action packed, explosive, spy-thriller adventure on the silver screen.

Audiences can look forward to Harrison Court-006 as the new American spy-hero adapted from Kensington Roth's spy novel "Able Danger." The Harrison Court-006 saga opens in Hong Kong for a clandestine meeting between Court and his Chinese counterpart Ying. The story's intriguing espionage develops throughout various locations in Hong Kong, Rome, Washington DC, China, Maryland, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, and Chicago.

The Able Danger film project is in development for production targeting moviegoers worldwide. Bond fans alike can expect knock out sexy spy-girls; a hi-speed, perilous car chase; exotic locations; and espionage at its best.

Who will play the charismatic, leading man? Johnny Depp is slated for the role of Harrison Court-006 opposite the sexy and alluring Maggie Q as his spy-girl Missong. Court's Chinese counterpart Ying is a role only Jet Li can deliver. Mark Ruffalo is cast to depict the ruthless DaSage, and his spy-girl Volace is best portrayed by the beautiful Caterina Murino.

Help the producers decide on who should play Spy-Girl MISSONG. Go to the Able Danger Film Project and cast your VOTE. Have your friends get involved in this extremely hot Spy Thriller.

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